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Joystick Team Rider – James Doerfling Rides Burns Lake

This is a short edit of James Doerfling’s riding segment as featured in the 13 minute film, Not Another Ghost Town. This is a short film showcasing the talents of James Doerfling as he tears apart the trails in Burns Lake, B.C. Stay tuned for July... Read More

Digger! Welcome to the Team

We’re thrilled to have Digger join the Joystick family and to release a set of signature Digger components. Significant proceeds from the sale of each Digger by Joystick component go to the famous trail builder and will help him continue to build... Read More

Exploring the Bendor Range featuring Joystick team rider Mike Hopkins

Exploring the Bendor Range featuring Joystick team rider Mike Hopkins. Mike Hopkins and friend Matt Miles set out in August 2012 on an expedition to explore first descents in the Bendor Range of Bralorne, British Columbia. This is the story of their... Read More

60 sec with GEOFF GULEVICH

Joystick team rider Geoff Gulevich featured is a cool video by our friends at Dakine. DAKINE’s “60 seconds” series turns the lense towards the mighty trails of North West America for a new webisode dedicated to our bike ambassador Geoff Gulevich.... Read More

Sunshine Coast – Welcome the Trail Wizard

Sunshine Coast – Welcome the Trail Wizard. We’re thrilled to welcome Linden Feniak to the Joystick family. James Doerfling and Linden Feniak slayed Lindens local trails while the Feniak’s played host to the Joystick crew.... Read More

Geoff Gulevich – Joystick equipped Custom Rocky!

Geoff Gulevich – Joystick equipped Custom Rocky! Geoff rides the Joystick Emulator and 8-Bit Alloy. ... Read More

Joystick Analog Carbon DH Bar

Joystick Analog Carbon DH Bar!! DH, Enduro, and All Mountain ready.- 800mm Wide, 223 grams, 6up, 9back with a 20mm rise. A lifetime of experience and nearly 2 years in the making, over 3 molds, 3 testing facilities, a team of test riders and soon to... Read More

JAWS – Bartosz Krzysztoń

JAWS – Bartosz Krzysztoń – Some early season pics of his Joystick equipped bike. We look forward to him making some awesome videos now that he is running Joystick. Check out this awesome video he made last season.... Read More

Team KHS at Reaper Madness

Joystick team riders Logan Binggeli and Kevin Aiello on their KHS DH650Q bikes dominated the podium at Pro GRT #1 in Nevada’s Best MTB park-Bootleg Canyon. Binggeli topped Aaron Gwin for the win and Aiello took 5th.... Read More

Mike Hopkins Big Bike Magazine Cover Boy by Teichrob

Awesome photo and awesome rider! Nice work Joystick team rider Mike Hopkins and light master Teichrob.... Read More