DirtTV Enduro Warfare with Josh Lewis

After snapping the ACL in his left leg late last year, Josh was happy to hug a few trees and bury his face into the ground again (keep an eye out for the slams in the video!), and being the tequila bandit he is, proceeded to ride for half of this video slightly (read very) intoxicated.

Smashing the ‘Wharncouver’ area of Wharncliffe woods along with some snow covered boulders for good measure, Josh then picked up the bigger and bluer weapon to shred, scrub and whip anything he could find upon the foggy moors.

Take note Eddy, Josh has his own gateholder and pyrotechnics department. I’d up your game if I were you. Josh has just taken off for New Zealand – he might get there next week with any luck in that little old plane, but you can expect more from him and Eddy soon.

For more insight on filming antics and behind the scenes shots, check out Josh’s blog at looseblog.stif.co.uk

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