Big, Bad and the Ugly: Our 5 Favourite Red Bull Rampage Videos

Redbull Rampage 2017 was one for the history books. The biggest drops, the steepest lines and more scary backflips than a nitro circus. Despite outspoken criticism and concern from old guard Cedric Gracia that Rampage is morphing from its big mountain roots into a slopestyle event, we can all agree that this is still the gnarliest display of mountain biking on the planet. The riders take more calculated risks than at any other competition knowing that a mistake could end their season, or worse. If the wind is too high, some riders will choose not to take their run at all. Every year the bar gets pushed higher.

To celebrate the spirit of Red Bull Rampage and the riders that make it happen, here's 5 of our favorite Rampage videos. Enjoy.

Kurt Sorge winning run (2017)

Nelson, British Columbia rider Kurt Sorge is no stranger to the send having now won Rampage three times. His 2017 run was almost flawless, stitching together three huge backflips including a suicide no-hander and landing the monster step-down drop.  

POV Kelly McGarry backflipping 72-foot canyon gap (2013)

This video also appeared on our list of 6 Biking videos you'll want to show your non-biking friends, and for good reason. It's one of the best pieces of POV mountain bike footage on the internet and immortalizes Kelly McGarry as a freeriding legend. McGarry died of cardiac arrest while riding in his home mountains in New Zealand in 2016.

Best of Red Bull Rampage: Top Tricks (2001-2014)

What was ground breaking in 2001 probably wouldn't qualify at Rampage in 2017, but the original Rampagers still rode lines that would have many of us running home with our tails between our legs. We love how this video documents not only the evolution of the event, but the sport itself. The old days was about finding raw, steep and rugged lines. Now it's all that plus sections of sculpted track to boost air time and amplify tricks. 

Top 5 Crashes (up to 2016)

Crash reels make the best of us feel squeamish, but it's important to realize the consequences of taking part in an event as risky as Red Bull Rampage. If you've ever had a big crash on a mountain bike you'll know what it feels like to kneel on all fours with your head between your hands, breathing heavily. This one may be difficulty to watch for some, but a hearty dose of Rampage reality nonetheless.

Misheard at Red Bull Rampage (2016)

To finish off this list we decoded to include something a little less serious. Last year Vancouver comedy filmmakers IFHT delivered this hilarious series of dubbed clips interpreted from bad lip reading. Cam McCaul never knew what hit him. Probably nuts, Rampage and a foot massage.

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