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Joystick 2017 Highlights: Products, Plot Twists and Two World Champs

As we reflect on the year that was 2017, we can't help but feel thankful. We've launched five new products, crowned two UCI Downhill World Champions and signed one new UCI World Tour road cycling team. It's been a big year on many fronts and we're... Read More

Big, Bad and the Ugly: Our 5 Favourite Red Bull Rampage Videos

Redbull Rampage 2017 was one for the history books. The biggest drops, the steepest lines and more scary backflips than a nitro circus. Despite outspoken criticism and concern from old guard Cedric Gracia that Rampage is morphing from its big... Read More

Crash, Thrash and Bash | Fast Life w/ Loïc Bruni Ep 8 FINALE

As Loïc Bruni and the rest of the UCI downhill racers approach the end of the 2017 season, take a look back on the most memorable moments, heaviest crashes, thrilling victories and crushing defeats of the year.  The world of UCI downhill mountain... Read More

Fall Product Launches - Emulator Pedals, Analog Bar Tape

As we transition into the fall cycling season, Joystick is undergoing a transition of its own. We’re excited to have two brand new product lines launching this month; pedals and bar tape. Both have been in development for some time and we can’t wait... Read More

Straight Outta Flims: The Gehrig Sisters Interview

If you follow the Enduro World Series (EWS) or have just tuned in for a race or two, there's a name that pops up in the Women's Top 10 results more than any other: Gehrig. There's an explanation for that; there's two of them. Swiss twins Anita and... Read More

Flats and Falls | Fast Life w/ Loïc Bruni S1 E7

Personality and spectacle may be the intention, but World Cup Downhill is an exercise in the art of speed. Love it or hate it, the unavoidable reality of crashing is what makes this sport so captivating. And so cruel.  Specialized Gravity Team and... Read More

7 #ridejoystick Instagram Photos of Places We'd Like to Ride

Let's face it. Travelling to exotic places with your bike is probably the coolest thing ever. New terrain. New trails. New dirt for your tires to bask in. Exploring on a bicycle is the the perfect marriage of humans and machines.  As much as we... Read More

Finding Form | Fast Life w/ Loïc Bruni S1 E6

From the juniors to the elites, winning is a matter of capturing an elusive blend of fitness and confidence. It’s easier said than done, especially come race day on World Cup track.The world of UCI downhill mountain bike racing is competitive,... Read More

The One Hit Wonder Curse | Fast Life w/ Loic Bruni S1 E5

The race in Vallnord, Andorra, is unique in that it has never seen the same rider win twice. As the tour moves to stop four, every racer in the UCI Downhill World Cup attempts to figure out the formula to not being a "one-hit-wonder."The world of... Read More


When it comes to racing downhill, perfection is a fallacy. Winning is simply a matter of devising a great plan. Episode 4 of Fast Life with Loïc Bruni explores a World Cup Downhill race as four separate acts:  1. A good track walk  2. Practice... Read More