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Binary Stem 31.8 & 35

All-Mtn | Enduro | Gravity | Slopestyle | XC

The Downlow

It’s 1st or nothing when it comes to racing. The Binary stem is light but maintains the strength and stiffness necessary to deliver consistent race-winning performance. This fully CNC-machined stem has an incredibly precise bar interface that’s light enough for your race bike and strong enough for gravity rides.

Available in 35mm and 50mm lengths, the Binary stem uses a carbon and alloy friendly bar/stem interface with an increased clamping surface. By increasing the clamping surface area and utilizing our controlled clamping system we have created a stronger and more precise stem.

To find out more about 8-Bit Alloy and our Controlled Clamping System go to our Technology Page.


Clamp: 31.8mm 35mm
Lengths: 35mm / 50mm 35mm / 50mm
Weight: 125 grams (35mm length) 125 grams (35mm length)
Stack Height: 40mm 40mm