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Builder Saddle

All-Mtn | DH | Enduro | Gravity | Urban

The Downlow

The Builder Saddle is for the rider who seeks out a variety of terrain and needs a saddle that can go full Enduro one day and all-out Downhill the next. A master of comfort in an accessibly priced package.

The Builder saddle utilizes a smooth synthetic cover, firm but forgiving padding, and a supportive mid-width base. The long, thick, padded nose of the saddle is perfect for climbing and railing corners while the narrow base is easy to maneuver during technical descents.

*Pressure Relief cut out in the saddle base provides extra comfort by alleviating pressure in the sensitive soft tissue you sit on.


Weight: 279g
Rail: Cro Mo
Size: 280mm x 135mm
Base: Composite
Cover: Synthetic