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Analog Saddle

All-Mtn | DH | Enduro | Gravity | Road | Urban | XC

The Downlow

The All-Rounder. Comfort for the long climbs or commutes across town. The Analog features a long, low-profile shape ideal for cornering on singletrack descents with clearance for modern wheel sizes. Built with premium materials, stylish design and an economical price tag, the Analog saddle is as versatile as you are.

Available in 4 colours – Black with White Graphics, Black with Blue Graphics, Black with Red Graphics and Black with Green Graphics.

*Pressure Relief cut out in the saddle base provides extra comfort by alleviating pressure in the sensitive soft tissue you sit on.


Weight: 259g
Rail: Cro Mo
Size: 274mm x 142mm
Base: Composite
Cover: Leather