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Builder Stem Install Video


A saw guide, tape and a hacksaw equipped with a fine 32 TPI blade are what you need for this job. If you’re new to bicycle maintenance we strongly suggest you have a professional mechanic cut your bar. Do not cut more than 30mm per side for the Analog Carbon DH bar.

Here is a great link for carbon cutting on Pinkbike.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.




Check your stem clamp for burrs or sharp edges prior to installation and carefully inspect your bar for any nicks or gouges before your install it. If the bar has any damage or flaws please consult us prior to installation.

  1. Remove the stems face plate.
  2. Check that bolt threads have a light layer of grease.
  3. Place handlebar in the stem and mount the face plate tightening all the bolts with your fingers before using any tools.
  4. Ensure that you have tightened all bolts to their appropriate torque settings.
  5. Warning: Maximum allowable torque for the Carbon handlebars is 6Nm for the stem pinch bolts unless you’re using a Joystick Stem and Joystick bar then you can torque up to 8Nm because of our carbon friendly design. Check bar for slippage and if necessary add carbon paste. If you feel you need more torque on the clamps pinch bolts please contact us. The bars can handle slightly more torque but we don’t recommend going over 8Nm unless it is necessary as you could damage your carbon bar.
  6. Warning: Some of the latest model of Builder Stem may require the steer tube bolts to be tightened to as much as 10Nm. Please contact us if you have any questions.


If you are involved in a crash or your bicycle and/or bicycle parts are involved in an impact or accident, all parts should be thoroughly examined by a professional bicycle mechanic, and any damaged part should be replaced immediately.


Please examine your bike and parts on a regular basis to ensure they are properly maintained and safe. Check all fasteners periodically for tightness and inspect all components for damage and wear before each use. Do not ride parts that are loose or over-tightened. If you’re unsure consult a professional bicycle mechanic.